The Three Cassette 'Boombox'

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The trouble with triples.
It might look photoshopped - but it’s real...and a real modern-day repair nightmare.
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  • William Shreckengost

    William Shreckengost

    5 часов назад

    If you ever do get it rebuilt, I have a burning question regarding this that I'm sure absolutely no one needs an answer to: Is it capable of simultaneous playback across all three decks?

  • Morgan Harris

    Morgan Harris

    9 часов назад

    You are going to get very sued for using Thus Spoke Zarathustra… the rightsholders are unbelievably litigious and have gone after all kinds of youtubers before, costing them thousands of dollars…

  • dadautube


    11 часов назад

    me wanteth one of these in all-white color! ^_^

  • realvanman1


    11 часов назад

    I hate it when people refer to PINs and VINs as "Pin numbers" and "Vin numbers"

  • realvanman1


    11 часов назад

    Hard to believe they didn't make them auto reverse and sequential, so you could play both sides of three tapes, all automatically!

  • Consumers perspective

    Consumers perspective

    19 часов назад

    What a shame

  • Chris Gregory

    Chris Gregory

    День назад

    That thing would make a bitchin dual analogue tape delay.

  • Tim Kienzle

    Tim Kienzle

    День назад

    From Discover on Google

  • ChevyCaprice90


    День назад

    1990s russian piracy dream)

  • Ratsquid


    2 дня назад

    Reminds me of many trips to the interview room :(

  • Jurassic Coast Comics

    Jurassic Coast Comics

    4 дня назад

    If you replaced the whole middle with an LCD screen - it'd look completely modern!

  • Georg


    4 дня назад

    Ah that was great! :)

  • Toaster Films

    Toaster Films

    6 дней назад

    *_Cassetee Adapedr_*

  • Toaster Films

    Toaster Films

    6 дней назад

    *_Cassetee Adapedr_*

  • Christopher Noel

    Christopher Noel

    7 дней назад

    I would have expected those cassette spindles to be red, green, and blue... in homage to the RGB of computer screens.

  • Petter Senften

    Petter Senften

    7 дней назад

    It's a red triple-decker. Of course I'd name it the Red Baron.

  • julian delizo

    julian delizo

    8 дней назад

    reminds me a limousine

  • thenormalyears


    8 дней назад

    lmao the hate speech business skit at the end was hilarious

  • KiratCan Kerem

    KiratCan Kerem

    8 дней назад

    It is specifically made for Soul Train Line :)

  • Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson

    9 дней назад


  • Yammani Krishna

    Yammani Krishna

    10 дней назад

    superb nice seems to be

  • Denver Morgan

    Denver Morgan

    10 дней назад

    There usually is a c-clip on the other side if the capstan hidden under a plastic washer.

  • Alex Paffenroth

    Alex Paffenroth

    10 дней назад

    It's relatable because it happens. Wiser words have never been spoken.

  • kongmeng YANG

    kongmeng YANG

    11 дней назад

    I want this tape do you sell

  • Rob B

    Rob B

    11 дней назад

    More epic than 2001: a Space Odyssey.

  • Borderlands


    11 дней назад

    The valve radio my uncle bought in the 1930s was still knocking out toons in the late 80s. This looks like it wouldn't make it to the end of a C120.

  • Adam Fox

    Adam Fox

    11 дней назад

    When it's working, will it have high-speed dubbing?

  • Keith Vincent Tucker

    Keith Vincent Tucker

    11 дней назад

    I had a triple deck player in the early 90s, but it had auto reverse and could play all 3 tapes in sequence. For the time it was great. If you used three 90 minute tapes, you could get 4.5 hours of music. Given that radio where I grew up was horrible, that much uninterrupted music was a blessing.

  • Gorilla Chilla

    Gorilla Chilla

    12 дней назад

    Im a dj, and i use to make tapes for all my friends, happy them days are over, spent hours sitting down putting whole collection on em, lol

  • Gorilla Chilla

    Gorilla Chilla

    12 дней назад

    I need 1

  • beha8tin


    12 дней назад

    I had one of these bad boys as a kid 😄

  • Bob Tee

    Bob Tee

    12 дней назад

    Good taste....

  • grex 9101

    grex 9101

    12 дней назад

    I hate when people say "PIN number" full stop.

  • Mikej1592


    12 дней назад

    ! where did you get a bluetooth cassette adapter!? I have a corded version in my wife's car but my new HTC doesn't have a traditional headphone jack and I don't carry around that little USB-c to headphone jack adapter with me, don't even remember where I put it to be honest. In my car I have an aux cord plug so I just plug in a bluetooth adapter but I never found one that goes right into the cassette! that would really tidy up the interior of my wifes car, till we replace it someday.

  • Јоhn Daniel

    Јоhn Daniel

    12 дней назад

    C clip retainer on the capstan shaft in where the cassette goes comes out on those, I have a YORX with identical build. However, to clean without removing you need a 2mm cotton string or some yarn, about 5 meters long, soak in alcohol and thread it through while motor is running drive.

  • Thomas Christopher LaCroix

    Thomas Christopher LaCroix

    12 дней назад

    If it worked... I would be curious to see if it could record two different cassettes simultaneously.... experimental tape music artists would have a heyday if it did

  • Cody Lehr

    Cody Lehr

    13 дней назад

    That last picture was totally rad

  • overbuilt automotive

    overbuilt automotive

    13 дней назад

    break parts cleaner may wash it out A\

  • Jay cox

    Jay cox

    13 дней назад

    @techmoan fancy reviewing this...

  • Xiaomi Assistant

    Xiaomi Assistant

    13 дней назад

    Watching this video on my old xiaomi Redmi 3S prime makes more nostalgic than anything

  • cheesy wheeler

    cheesy wheeler

    14 дней назад

    I thought ric flair was going to come out

  • Verbatim


    14 дней назад

    I'm Ric Flair! The Stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun!

  • Alexander Arroyo

    Alexander Arroyo

    14 дней назад

    Can I buy this "boom box " from you? lol

  • skattergraph


    14 дней назад

    well i hope you are able to clean this boom box. It has to be pretty rare as growing up i don't remember seeing anything like this!

  • Steve Caffrey

    Steve Caffrey

    14 дней назад

    I had to replace the rubber drive belts in an old reel to reel, inside it looked like a jar of Marmite was poured around the cogs.

  • 章猫文Melvin


    14 дней назад

    Technically the only portable 3-head cassette deck.

  • Unintended Consequences

    Unintended Consequences

    14 дней назад

    That ending left me woke and red-pilled. Or something.

  • NostalgiaKarl K.F.

    NostalgiaKarl K.F.

    15 дней назад

    Intro music 10/10.

  • Peter Cockerell

    Peter Cockerell

    15 дней назад

    "1-2-3-4-6" "Five, sir!" "Five!"

  • Roberto Bruno

    Roberto Bruno

    15 дней назад


  • Strickland Propane

    Strickland Propane

    15 дней назад

    The intro music is annoying af.

  • 80's Boombox Collector

    80's Boombox Collector

    15 дней назад

    These were low-quality. I haven't watched the video so I don't know if you've disassembled it, but it was typical for manufacturers to use only one motor for all the decks. And cheap plastic parts in the moving deck parts. This caused a lot of wow & flutter and horrible sound. The best quality boomboxes were from 1978-1983. After that, quality went downhill very quickly.

  • Jimmyhaflinger


    15 дней назад

    you need a degreaser to get rid of the tar

  • Ora nge

    Ora nge

    15 дней назад

    Now double side it and have 6!

  • Charles Hepburn II

    Charles Hepburn II

    15 дней назад

    What? No break-dancing on vinyl flooring in this video? And you say this is from the 80's? And you also say it is a "Boom Box"? That equals break-dancing my friend.

  • 1Thunderfire


    15 дней назад

    I can relate to the annoyance of going a penny over on filling your car with fuel. ^^

  • 大江千里


    16 дней назад


  • John sweda

    John sweda

    16 дней назад

    Should have a split washer on the other side of the spindle if not a c clip

  • Hector Herrera

    Hector Herrera

    16 дней назад

    Hello, this is one of the most weird cassette player that i ever seen, for those degraded rubbers in 2:40 you can try some gaskets or circular seals from the faucet, some years ago I have a cassette deck with the same mechanical problem, it works perfectly, by the way congratulations for the channel, I learn a lot watching your videos

  • Ash Miller

    Ash Miller

    16 дней назад

    This is cool, oh to remove the flywheels the capstan slips out, on the other side you'll find an e clip and washer or a simple plastic retaining ring on the capstan, remove it and slide the whole thing out, be careful those tiny retainers will fly off and get forever lost if you're not careful

  • AVM Andrew

    AVM Andrew

    16 дней назад

    Thanks you. Very interesting and informative videos. Some of the shown audio equipment exploited and repaired independently. You have very interesting and well-directed videos, excellent English speech. It helps me learn and replenish English. I wish you success.

  • Basic Dos Gaming

    Basic Dos Gaming

    16 дней назад

    Home taping is killing music lol love it

  • Masticina Akicta

    Masticina Akicta

    16 дней назад

    That length reminds me of Spaceballs I, soooo long!



    16 дней назад

    Can you make a video about the PANASONIC SG-X10 ?

  • murderdogg


    16 дней назад

    You inspired me to get an old Aiwa portable dual cassette radio and clean it up. The belts are in the same condition. That sticky mess is hard to clean off your hands or anything.

  • Mikiness Analog

    Mikiness Analog

    17 дней назад

    On the opposite side of the flywheel on the bottom of the capstan there should be an extremely tiny "c" washer that if you remove it the flywheel should be able to be slid out.

  • sc0tchlvr


    17 дней назад

    A few things come to mind while watching this. One is that in the many years that I have spent repairing audio, I have only encountered one incident where the belts turned into a melted goo-like substance and it's not really a normal thing because most modern belts (back in the day) are not made up entirely of rubber. That only one incident was when I acquired a used Ampex reel to reel tape deck that ran on tubes. Most belts just break and the material just cracks up; it doesn't turn into a melted goo. Second is that there are many cassette mechanisms where the plastic parts just split and are no longer good viable parts anymore. Sony had in their walkman players the flywheel that was made of metal on the inside portion of it, but yet they made the grave mistake of making the outside circumference of it be a plastic gear. Of course, that plastic would split and every time the flywheel would go round it would go "clunk, clunk" as it spun not only making for a bad clunking noise as it played, but also made the tape speed's wow and flutter so bad that the sound was then unreasonable never mind the clunking of it mechanically. Lastly what comes to mind is that apparently you probably never worked on a stock Mitsubishi car stereo cassette deck. That mechanism was a complete mechanical nightmare. It would literally take the tape in just to load it in FOUR mechanical gyrations and have to do the same thing to eject the tape. THAT you can put into your to most tape decks at NUMBER ONE as being the WORST tape deck to repair in history, bar none!!!

  • parp12345


    17 дней назад

    This guy must have a gigantic warehouse to store all his pieces of equipment in!

  • xmvirus202


    17 дней назад

    Try threading some absorbent type string, perhaps uncoated dental floss through and around the back of the flywheel and floss it out.

  • otopico


    17 дней назад


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