The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
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  • Vox


    3 дня назад

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  • Dexter Francis

    Dexter Francis

    23 часа назад

    +Guinness - I did not say it was solely down to pilot error. It can always be argued that anything should be designed to be so inherently safe that there is no way for the user to ever be injured. One way to accomplish that is to intrinsically limit the behaviors so that they can never cause a serious injury. The reason the 737 MAX were grounded is laid out in the FAA Emergency Order. ( In brief, it states that the Acting FAA Administrator determined that there were enough similarities between the Lion Air and Ethiopian Air events to warrant further investigation. of whether there *might* be a shared cause. In other words - they didn't know the cause(s) and felt it was in the best interest of the public to investigate. At this point Boeing has had the chance to look at the data enough to work up a software change to address at least part of the issue. As for what the fuss, the Order addresses that as well. The FAA has authority over Design, Manufacturing Operation and Training - any one, or two, or all three of which might have contributed to the problem. Are you familiar with the movie "Sully" ?

  • Guinness


    День назад

    Del Dmitrii planes, yes, because pilots are far more highly trained at flying than your average American or Italian driver, planes are far better maintained than average car and the sky is a lot more clear then your average road. So yeah, your average plane is. But not 737 Max's.

  • Guinness


    День назад

    Dexter Francis your understanding of the point i made and of how to argue a point correctly without reverting to a straw man is flawed, as what you say has nothing to do with what I said. But OK genius, if what you say is correct and it is solely down to pilot error, why are all 737 max's grounded and why are Boeing updating their mcats software and training? If there was burning wrong with the owner and the software and the training - why the fuss?

  • Dexter Francis

    Dexter Francis

    День назад

    +Guinness - Your understanding of the certification process is flawed. The plane is not certified to fly safely outside it's placarded limits - which, based on the data in the Preliminary Report - is what the crew did for over three minutes before the crash.

  • Alexis Tosta

    Alexis Tosta

    22 часа назад

    "The love for money is the root of all problems"..

  • Chris Pfeif555

    Chris Pfeif555

    23 часа назад

    where is the big red button in the cockpit for absolute manual control?

  • Mark Chaplin

    Mark Chaplin

    23 часа назад

    I don't have confidence in software 'operating as designed'. Sooner or later computers and software go wrong. Of course there is an important role to play for computers and technology, but I would feel much safer on a plane where the pilot can ultimately hit the 'off' button and just fly the aircraft.

  • Mooktadir A

    Mooktadir A

    23 часа назад


  • Ian Y

    Ian Y

    23 часа назад

    Thanks for this explanation which was clear. Boeing however have a lot of explaining to do.

  • NCPPGpilot


    23 часа назад

    Any 'system' that takes absolute control away from the pilot, is a bad system.

  • Srinath Sudharsan

    Srinath Sudharsan

    23 часа назад

    I'm so depressed. Why are these American companies running towards the goddamn money over people's lives! We saw Facebook selling personal data for millions of dollars. And now Boeing murdered almost 400 lives! My God! Why the hell did they do it even if they know it's gonna fail? Is it a big deal for Boeing engineers to design a new plane as a rival for the A320neo!!!?? This is atrocious! How crooked Boeing officials should be to ultimately risk the lives of people for their new crappy design and a crappy failure MCAS software? Above all, they didn't even tell about the goddamn MCAS to the pilots and deliberately lied to them about 737 Max 8 as a "completely same version of the former 737"!!! All for money? Boeing better realise, they are nothing better an bunch of filthy maggots that feed on the dead.

  • aurelio milaor cabal

    aurelio milaor cabal

    23 часа назад

    What Boeng did is something short of criminal , actually correct that! ,they are CRIMINALS!, ,and after the first crash should have grounded the fleet, but they had the almighty $$$$$$$$$$ to chase, the rest is history .

  • drtee51


    23 часа назад

    Sounds like something those Boeing money-grubbers would do. Profits before human lives. Yep.

  • Himmat Badal

    Himmat Badal

    23 часа назад

    They should put the owner of Boeing with his family in 737 max and switch on the MCAS and let them enjoy

  • Lanky Kong

    Lanky Kong

    23 часа назад

    If you listen carefully you can hear the narrator getting buttfucked in the background.

  • 808JOKER


    23 часа назад

    No more fly with Boeing, rise of Airbus

  • Swapnil Renushe

    Swapnil Renushe

    23 часа назад

    So, even if the MCAS system is disabled by pilots, the plane can still stall, which was countered by the MCAS. Isn't it design issue, and mere software update is useless?

  • Mark Freedman

    Mark Freedman

    23 часа назад

    Wow! No kidding! Didn’t know pilots complained about it. If Boeing and the FAA do not completely handle this intelligently, Boeing will end up on the auction block. The FAA needs a rework. Come to think of it, the person(s) at Boeing responsible for hiding this information should immediately be sacked and criminally charged. No severance package. Ask the execs at Boeing if they would fly in a 737 Max.

  • zondaintheair


    23 часа назад

    Sounds like murder.

  • Jeff Hirata

    Jeff Hirata

    23 часа назад

    damn :(

  • Dimi M

    Dimi M

    23 часа назад

    Yeah, who cares about people when you can make more and more money?

  • Achille GENET

    Achille GENET

    23 часа назад

    Shame on Boeing for that...

  • News Boosters

    News Boosters

    23 часа назад

    the business of america is business - they will do anything for a few dollars more.

  • Benjamin Patrick

    Benjamin Patrick

    23 часа назад

    The ultimate problem. Machine over man. Today's airplanes use a concept called Gly-By-Wire. The pilot's controlls are not mechanically connected to the control surfaces. (Rudder, elevatots, alerons, and flaps) It is all up to the computer to interpret the input from the pilot's controls. Then it decides how to move the flaps, rudder, etc ... That means the computer has the final say. Not the human. Blame bad software/software training, profit hunting execs, etc ... Ultimately the problem lay with one concept. Machine over Man. A machine should never have the last word. Human's are far from infallible. But machines lack common sense. If. A human has a self-preservation instinct. One that can not be overriden. Not w/o a highly purposeful will to die. No machine has this. They can be programmed to mimic it. To fake it. But a machine simply does not have it.

  • spatsky


    23 часа назад

    The FAA allowed Boeing to enter this aircraft in civil aviation. If you wondered about that... imagine what the politicians did with the F-14s and the F-16. Practically all the aircraft owned by McDonnell Douglass which are now owned by Boeing had a free pass. If you think that having a software correct the flight data to keep an old 737 competitive with the A380, imagine why the F-14s and F-16s are no longer serviceable. We sacrifice human lives civilly as well as in the military so that Boeing stays afloat. Practically the loosing designs during the 60s and 70s for the Navy and Air Force won out all because Boeing needs to make money.

  • Dxrrell Mxller

    Dxrrell Mxller

    День назад

    Lies they crashed bc there were a few VERY important personnel on board.

  • Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson

    День назад

    Company puts profits over human life. Shock.

  • Vincent F Yue

    Vincent F Yue

    День назад

    its murder , much worse than volkswagen, the ceo, managers and FAA should be prosecuted, charged. Will you do it, mighty united states?

  • alooga555


    День назад

    Part of the blame also goes to Southwest Airlines, the largest operator of the 737 series, because they insisted on maintaining fleet commonality and aircraft performance.

  • Strains


    День назад

    Vox sucks.

  • the0whilest0man


    День назад

    All those criticising Boeing for endangering people’s lives- if you’ve ever flown on a budget airline then you have contributed to the culture that caused this problem. Easy to blame a big company that is just responding to market demand.

  • Earl Armstrong

    Earl Armstrong

    День назад

    Let the pilots pilot the plane. Remove the damn MCAS system its unnecessary if you have trained pilots.

  • George Perry

    George Perry

    День назад

    You clearly don't have a clue what you're talking about and obviously know very little about airplanes and how they fly. These planes crashed because the MCAS software "thought" the wing of the aircraft was reaching a critical angle of attack--or an imminent stall--and as any neophyte pilot could tell you a too high nose angle can cause the wing to stall and thus will drop the nose. While stalls occur in any attitude the most common is an "approach stall" or more simply the nose was too high and or the airspeed was too low. This is countered by dropping the nose and building airspeed over the wing which keeps it flying. The problem with the 737 Max was that the software thought--even though the plane was in level flight--that the nose was too high and was on the verge of a stall and thus pushed the nose down in an effort to prevent the perceived stall. Instead of the pilots over riding the system and shutting it off they let the software continue to fly the plane and went into a dive. The black boxes of the second aircraft crash confirm that the pilots had indeed shut the system off but for some inexplicable reason turned it back on again further exacerbating the problem and ultimately leading to the crash. You really shouldn't be doing a half assed analysis without the proper training to understand aircraft flight and concepts such as phugoid stability. I just hope the good people reading this and watching your video will see the real truth as to what happened and not believe this drivel.

  • The Majestic Manatee

    The Majestic Manatee

    День назад

    so the reason was capitalism? suprise surprise!

  • gemgal68


    День назад

    I feel that for any machine, any change in possible effects on safety, regardless of how possible the change is, ought to be given the highlight in their change fan-outs & also the steps to take to overcome the possible I'll effects. Especially so when the machine is used as a mode of public transport and lives of hundreds of people being at stake... It is s a glaring mistake on the part of Boeing not to fan-out this aspect and also not putting the requirement of actual re-training or re-certification when such major behavioural change in the plane will take place.

  • OkiDokiCody


    День назад

    Instead of a software update. Take it out completely. Just because its happened once doesnt mean it can be resolved by an update. The update could potentially create another problem. They should remodel it.

  • Alex NutCasio

    Alex NutCasio

    День назад

    Vox, are you telling the whole story? Apparently, the pilot in charge of Ethiopian airline turned the MCAS back on after initially turning it off and fighting for control

  • Tristan Anderson

    Tristan Anderson

    День назад

    What about self certification of safety tests, that the FAA allowed? This is not a Boeing problem it's a US problem.

  • DarkLevis


    День назад

    Boeing and FAA did nothing more or less then murdered people! This can't be called a design flaw, it was a deliberate act. Also great video!

  • Joel Thompson

    Joel Thompson

    День назад

    I was disappointed with this video. It did NOT explain WHY moving the engine up, and FORWARD (information left out of this video), causes the nose to go up. Moving two heavy engines up, and forward, will change the center of gravity (CG). Most likely, the CG moves up and forward. So, the thrust line, which is now closer in vertical separation from the CG, and should have less impact on nose lift - unless the thrust line is not horizontal! If the thrust line is tilted down, i.e. the thrust coming out of the rear of the engine, point slightly towards the ground, that could cause a nose up condition under full throttle. At least, that is how I see the problem. If I am wrong, please correct me.

  • KMcirca82


    День назад

    criminal negligence. stop letting corporations get over on people. boycott the max

  • 3rik R Vargas

    3rik R Vargas

    День назад

    It's very irresponsible to give final conclusions about an aerial accident by considering RUdownload videos instead of a criminal investigation. This channel shall be banned!

  • Andrew Elwood

    Andrew Elwood

    День назад

    Nice work, very informative.

  • TheGranicd


    День назад

    Maybe they should have made landing gears longer and then engine wouldn`t have problems fitting. Would make it more costly tho.

  • Zero Hour

    Zero Hour

    День назад

    they didnt pay the mafia tax

  • Phurich Siri.

    Phurich Siri.

    День назад

    Defects in car production also cause a lot of casualty every year. However, it seems no one cares about it. Every one reacts so slow comparing to aviation industry.

  • Jason Shintani

    Jason Shintani

    День назад

    Even the 737-800s have engines that are much further forward and higher than the original 737s of the 1960's. Image search "1967 737" and you'll see the pencil-like engines tucked fully under the wing.

  • Robin durai

    Robin durai

    День назад

    Human life is less worth than profits for Boeing..:(

  • Brandon McLean

    Brandon McLean

    День назад

    Boeing did too many work arounds to get this plane off the ground. Instead of raising the plane and keeping the engine in the correct placement. Disgusting Boeing. I will never get on a plane that needs software to fix a "work around" issue. They did the same crap with the Dreamliner. Took a bunch of parts from different countrys that didn't match then put it together with work arounds. I will only book a flight with Airbus's from now on.

  • s00s


    День назад

    Southwest didn't even ground their fleet. I just got back from the airport after a trip on one of them. The whole time the engine was sputtering and constantly making high pitched shrieks and then going really quiet, over and over again, as well as sudden small turns, which were immediately negated with a manual turn in the other direction. Never flying Southwest again. Corporate scum

  • Patrick Butler

    Patrick Butler

    День назад

    that’s why ya don’t let folks who live in mud huts fly jets

  • Juan S

    Juan S

    День назад

    From th DC 10 Flying Coffin to the NEW & Improved Flying Coffin BOEING 737 MAX. History means NOTHING to these GREEDY BASTARDS..Jut look at the Old FORD PINTO etc, etc, etc, etc.

  • Yaakov Kahn

    Yaakov Kahn

    День назад

    Umm if the whole problem was that the plane was too low to the ground, maybe invest in larger wheels.....

  • Jslayallday92 S

    Jslayallday92 S

    День назад

    It’s important to recognize that most products, especially technologically advanced ones require multiple components and instruments that simply aren’t available in one place. Materials for production are sourced from all over the world. Assembly is made in stages and in different locations during the manufacturing process. All businesses practice this. This why it’s also difficult to pinpoint who is responsible for the tragic accident where people lost their lives because the parts making up the plane are from many different sources. I’m curious to why the MCAST wasn’t just turned off at the moment they lost control or just switch to manual? How much time was there between take off and it’s last communication before plummeting in the Java sea?

  • Official kingawesome113

    Official kingawesome113

    День назад

    I would've lifted the plane a bit higher.

  • Anshul Johri

    Anshul Johri

    День назад

    Lion air (JT 610) captain and main pilot Bhavye Suneja was my friend & neighbor. This video reminds of him again, takes me into deep silence and makes me think of how these big billionaires (better to call them white-collar murderers) are playing with the lives of innocent people just for few more billions.

  • Random NPC

    Random NPC

    День назад

    All i need to know without watching this.. Anti stall system is activated (automatically)

  • Abodunrin Oluwafemi

    Abodunrin Oluwafemi

    День назад

    Sue Boeing

  • Projectheureka


    День назад

    Ummm.... For starters: in many U.S. right-wing states you have the legal rights to pursue and shoot ANYONE who pose a "perceived threat" to your life, rights, family and properties. That American vigilante law, FYI, does not exclude the shooting of the corrupt richs nor corrupt Executives who are knowingly mass murdering people, be their names BOEING or Perdue Pharma or even Mark Zuckerberg for that matter Achtung: I'm NOT suggesting hat ANYONE should go out and shoot corrupt Executives who hideously murder people, such as Zucks and the Perdue Pharma billionaires, for profits, but factually based on the U.Constitution's right to self-defense ALL U.S. Americans citizens do have that theoretical right to Stand Your Grounds even against mega Corporate billionaires. Until theory meets and becomes the common practise, you never know your real rights as a People nor as an individual. Carpe Diem, Americans and all of you childishly naive Earth' inhabitants! Godless Best, A.E. Projectheureka LLC

  • E


    День назад

    Boeing is murder at this point

  • Irfan Prabowo

    Irfan Prabowo

    День назад

    My wife's bestfriend was on that plane (Lion Air). We don't need new software and training, we need justice.

  • Des


    День назад

    I wouldn't fly in one of those now. Software update or not. Patches are fine for an iPhone or something non life critical, but for a jet.....

  • HighHeidYin


    День назад

    Sooooo..Am I supposed to be worried next time I fly? because the chances of flying with a 737 Max could be likely? or have they all been grounded and I've got nothing to worry about

  • imran shaikh

    imran shaikh

    День назад

    Never trust money minded company they just play people emotion and their loved one never come back

  • Evans O

    Evans O

    День назад

    If only Boeing put people before profits...

  • ft55555


    День назад

    Why ground the planes? Just let free market capitalism do its thing so that libertarians can get $25 flights on empty 737 Maxes.

  • Joel Chia

    Joel Chia

    День назад


  • Kent Yang

    Kent Yang

    День назад

    This was so educational. Thank you for doing the research !

  • Ahsan Arshad

    Ahsan Arshad

    День назад

    Instead of redesigning they put some fixes to compete ... absolutely disastorous....these guys should be in jail and sorry but ask them to redesign their plane..... don't need to put another fix

  • Robert Lee

    Robert Lee

    День назад

    You have to be able to overide the system. No red guarded kill switch ??

  • Mickey Lewin

    Mickey Lewin

    День назад

    Money changes everything.

  • ali khazravi

    ali khazravi

    День назад

    Beautifully edited and very well related, thanks god they cancel the Iranians order for it.

  • Rich Trost

    Rich Trost

    День назад

    What bothers me is that MCAS depended on a single angle of attack sensor unless you paid extra for input from both. This strikes me as a major blunder where redundancy is a usually expected norm.

  • FRFM00


    День назад

    Satanic ritual, nothing more nothing less and no two ways about it.

  • Carl Rhode

    Carl Rhode

    День назад

    This video is not the full truth! Boeing has raised the aircraft as well to accommodate the new engines. Please note that this is not a profit scandal. Boeing has made economy their philosophy. Planes like the 787 and 747-8 show this. What they made was a much needed update to the world's most famous airplane. Surely they also attempted to make the plane safer as well. A plane crash can destroy a company completely. Do you really think Boeing would be stupid enough to release an aircraft that they know would crash? This was an accident. Emphasis on the word "accident". Thank you.

  • Adrian Cheung

    Adrian Cheung

    День назад

    This is what happened when there is a competition and money is involve, and playing with innocent lives.

  • Mary Rafuse

    Mary Rafuse

    День назад

    Money and market share over safety. Way to go Boeing!

  • trident3b


    День назад

    silly question if i may... but why didn't boeing simply make the landing gear longer/higher (just like the AB)?? That would have raised the aircraft to the Airbus height. It can't be that expensive or difficult to enlarge the undercarriage, surely? Also, the americans are so quick to issue draconian sentences for things far less than this, but Boeing gets, and will get, away with it. Oh but we must get people like assange who expose extreme and deliberate atrocities, even with the threat of death for exposing others committing such heinous crimes.... and with this almost 400 people with little kids all stuck in a fuselage sent to their deaths, those responsible for that will get off scot-free.

  • Sanjay Pathak

    Sanjay Pathak

    День назад

    Irrational Exuberance .... “you will be flying the same plane as before” or am I making it up? And how far does minimal i-pad training go .... especially if the god Boeing says ... this is enough! There is a common thread of excessive clever dickiness running through both the in-service performance of the airbus neo and the boeing mcas engines ... be honest ... these are resl unsuspecting people being killed ....

  • Brian Hall

    Brian Hall

    День назад

    Boeing needs to get the pants sued off of them and a number of executives need to go to jail.

  • brandi williams

    brandi williams

    День назад

    this is information we all already knew since the incident happened last month. nothing new here.

  • Noah R

    Noah R

    День назад

    It really sucks how much corporations care more about money than human lives

  • Bernal


    День назад

    Very nice video , Tks for taking the time to do your research to explain the facts of what happen ...

  • zoperxplex


    День назад


  • dan italia

    dan italia

    День назад

    put those resposible in jail..its the design and function of the plane is the to powerful .but if the pilot will take control of the plane the stall will be their problem..there is no solution but to ground all the 737 for good..

  • Lance Roark

    Lance Roark

    День назад

    Boeing: your max angle of climb is 35° Pilot: copy that, we’ll simply set climb to 35° and quit flying the plane. Boeing: no, you need to fly the plane and make sure the plane doesn’t increase its angle of climb Pilot: no, set it and forget it, that’s how I fly St Peter: Pilot, do you know what you did wrong? Pilot: yeah, I took control of a plane that had new engines Pete: yeah, not really. Why don’t you take the elevator to the ground floor. You wanna act the fool, we’ll treat you like a fool. Disclaimer: Good Ole Pete isn’t really in charge, nor does he work entry security.

  • dunichtich100


    День назад

    Airbus for the win! God bless all the families who lost a beloved one! ❤

  • Tomaz


    День назад

    God damn Boeing greed. Time to short that sh*thole company.

  • Adrian Nistreanu

    Adrian Nistreanu

    День назад

    Boeing is a killer!

  • Suresh Santhanam

    Suresh Santhanam

    День назад

    Well narrated, competitions brings profit to the companies but it won't bring them back who died.

  • Mr Man

    Mr Man

    День назад

    Why should boeing be trusted anymore? and what should airplanes manufacturers do to ensure safety standards, and giving out correct and full information about their product?

  • Jon Snow

    Jon Snow

    День назад

    Great video, explained the problem very simply. From what was said, it appears that not enough product testing was done. If they had, they would have seen the fault and corrected it. It appears they were in a rush to sell.

  • Priyanshu Tripathi

    Priyanshu Tripathi

    День назад

    5:37 - Literally breaks me.

  • Quaid Azam

    Quaid Azam

    День назад

    Where are the billion dollar law suits against boeing in american courts? If this was a air bus and had caused american deaths, air bus would be stuck with law suits for its life and prolly go bankrupt. Just because boeing has federal protection no hue or cry over its failure to make the 737 max safe.

  • GS-


    День назад

    This is a great and informative video. It made me decide to check out thinking, hey, maybe this is an actual unbiased news source. But when I got to it only took me six seconds to recognize it's a highly biased news source just like the ones that are already out there pushing their agenda (liberal or conservative) down our throats. Another sad day in in the media...

  • Del Dmitrii

    Del Dmitrii

    День назад

    *And airplanes are still much safer than cars yet*

  • Joe Buckingham

    Joe Buckingham

    День назад

    Unfortunately this is a problem with airbus too when the lead instructor pilot crashed the airbus when they put software control on the new plane. Airbus instead of accepting the blame shifted the blame to the instructor pilot which was bringing the plane for a show off. This crashed killed engineers, reporters and patrons of airbus!! Did airbus care absolutely no. If they did accept the blame there would not be an airbus company today. Did they ground or stop the plane, NO. Since there was not enough in the field.

  • Bill G

    Bill G

    День назад

    Instead of forcing the nose down, I wonder why they simply did not alert the pilot the climb rate was too high

  • TheKimcheeRamen


    День назад

    Boeing also fire whistleblowers who speak out

  • Masud Rana

    Masud Rana

    День назад

    Why every sentence sound like Question ?¿??

  • Fyrrux


    День назад

    The real question is who came up with the idea of changing the plane without even knowing the consequences of his work? That person should be fired and in debt for the rest of his life.

  • Robotics 4.0

    Robotics 4.0

    День назад

    this happens when you pay managers more than engineers

  • MR. Right

    MR. Right

    День назад

    Airbus > Boeing

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