Talking Kitty Cat - Sylvester Gets A Job


When his owner can no longer afford wet food, Sylvester (the talking black cat) is forced to get a job at a fast food restaurant. GG (the kitten) gets terrified by Shelby (the dog) who shows signs of going blind. And Random kitty doesn't give a blip blom. Flaggle Claggle.


  • Elda Russell

    Elda Russell

    11 минут назад

    you make the most crazyist videos in the world i like them



    56 минут назад

    Ok,I got two questions, one, how is your cat taking, and two, how can I make my cat talk, please tell me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • wow life

    wow life

    Час назад

    Heh- heh- 69 u know what that means *pls don't take this seriously-*

  • CallmeDiddy


    3 часа назад

    Shelby got gg's butt in her mouth LIKE full butt 3:12

  • Gracie Page

    Gracie Page

    3 часа назад

    I have 13 animals

  • Sarah Chieffe

    Sarah Chieffe

    3 часа назад


  • Meme God

    Meme God

    4 часа назад

    I dont understand rhis How this cat talks?

  • Eileen Mclaughlin

    Eileen Mclaughlin

    4 часа назад

    What's. Rong. With the DOG. AWWWW

  • Diana Bejder

    Diana Bejder

    4 часа назад

    Hey eh im ned can someone tell me if that cat is talking or is is fake im not smart just info

  • biker Babe

    biker Babe

    4 часа назад


  • Jake Gamer

    Jake Gamer

    4 часа назад

    What are Gigi

  • lisa matthews

    lisa matthews

    5 часов назад

    JJ and random kitty is so cute STEVE 😍 The 🐈 and the 🐕 is so good steve The next day I will need a picture of Your 🐈 calls JJ

  • Lauren Matthews

    Lauren Matthews

    6 часов назад

    " just take the f-----ing salad -itch in trying to help you!!" LMAO that is halarious

  • Cathleen Fotorny

    Cathleen Fotorny

    7 часов назад

    Sylvester is like meh.-. XD

  • Petra Nyman

    Petra Nyman

    8 часов назад


  • Larry Skibo

    Larry Skibo

    9 часов назад

    Today’s my brithday!

  • Nya Nya Girl

    Nya Nya Girl

    Час назад

    Happy Birthday!

  • __Ablysent __

    __Ablysent __

    10 часов назад

    i had 15 cats

  • Shady03


    10 часов назад

    Keep the good work, my mom and me love your videos and we laugh a lot xD but good job !👏🏻

  • madison callahan

    madison callahan

    10 часов назад

    Please post more!! We love you man!

  • Belle Chérie

    Belle Chérie

    11 часов назад

    *When a cat gets a job before you do*

  • - Loveli

    - Loveli

    12 часов назад

    Dude I got 9 cats, the other one went to my dad's house

  • Georgia Kelly

    Georgia Kelly

    12 часов назад

    I got a mother fucken job bur

  • Caren Larkey

    Caren Larkey

    12 часов назад

    Catch attempt #5: FAIL Catch attempt #6: FAIL Catch attempt #7: FAIL Computer: catch the god damn ball already! Me: he wasn’t even throwing it. Computer: I couldn’t compute any matches for "he wasn’t even throwing it." Me: @#$&*%!?€£¥§!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funtime Foxy The Pirate Fox 101

    Funtime Foxy The Pirate Fox 101

    14 часов назад

    Steve do the invisible tape challenge to Sylvester and the other cats

  • Eden Eventing

    Eden Eventing

    14 часов назад

    Why did u blur out McDonald’s?

  • Kaden Stewart

    Kaden Stewart

    15 часов назад

    I know you but you're my biggest fan

  • Cat Time

    Cat Time

    17 часов назад

    This is cool I like this

  • XIMENA channel

    XIMENA channel

    17 часов назад

    i gota motha fu##ing Job bruh

  • Nya Nya Girl

    Nya Nya Girl

    Час назад

    I be makin' Benjamins quick

  • Ashley McArthur

    Ashley McArthur

    20 часов назад

    I have 3 cats and one dog how many pets do u guys have?

  • Aksilvermoon 12

    Aksilvermoon 12

    21 час назад

    I have 5 cats and a dog I know the struggles 😌

  • Purple Bug

    Purple Bug

    21 час назад

    My dad said he die

  • Unknown ._.

    Unknown ._.

    22 часа назад


  • Boo Jenny

    Boo Jenny

    23 часа назад

    In Australia in Sydney the wet food is 90c

  • work problem Android

    work problem Android

    День назад


  • Dragon hero

    Dragon hero

    День назад

    What is the web site

  • Sophy


    День назад

    I’m inlove with Shelby



    День назад

    I can tell you don't need a big Mac🤣

  • mehriban heydrzdh

    mehriban heydrzdh

    День назад

    Where's Gibson????

  • Josh Studio

    Josh Studio

    День назад


  • katex


    День назад

    So funny 😄😄

  • Nita West

    Nita West

    День назад

    Adopted a black kitten. In honor of Sylvester (and the other Sylvester), named him Rambo. Hoping he grows up to be like his namesake!

  • Foxy Fan 1987

    Foxy Fan 1987

    День назад

    Steve: im worried about Shelby Random kitty: *BIP BIP*

  • holly miller

    holly miller

    День назад

    I watch u all time I always laugh now my black cat like Silvester she hates my new kitten 😂😂

  • Deb butante

    Deb butante

    День назад

    I love this video ! Sylvester's Job rap is the best ~ closely followed by his face in the Drive thru window . And whenever he writes in his diary !! The best !

  • Cathleen Fotorny

    Cathleen Fotorny

    День назад

    Lady: I didn’t Oder the salad Sylvester:TAKE THE FUCKING SALD BITCH IM TRYING TO HELP U!!!

  • Cathleen Fotorny

    Cathleen Fotorny

    День назад

    The. Suck my dic*!

  • Cathleen Fotorny

    Cathleen Fotorny

    День назад

    I got a mother fucking Job YO

  • Cathleen Fotorny

    Cathleen Fotorny

    День назад

    Welcome to mc fuckin Donald’s how may I help u. Lady: can I have a Big Mac Lady r u sure u want one Lady:do u not have them LOOK LADY IM JUST TRYING TO HELP U!!!!!

  • Isaac Eaton

    Isaac Eaton

    День назад

    Can your cats really talk

  • lit_galexy_Cookie


    День назад


  • Dallas playz Your comments

    Dallas playz Your comments

    День назад

    It’s wet food tttiiimmmeeee kitty ugh you talked about this

  • nike noah4eva8

    nike noah4eva8

    День назад

    Shelby could have rabies

  • Kendra Almond

    Kendra Almond

    День назад

    Y did you bleep out and blurr McDonald’s

  • Kathy Simpson

    Kathy Simpson

    День назад

    I had a cat that is black

  • Itzgacharuby !

    Itzgacharuby !

    День назад

    Music apps: we have amazing songs! Me: all I need is talking kitty music boi

  • The Red Devil

    The Red Devil

    День назад

    You can suck my Hotdog:i am here

  • giovanni Garcia

    giovanni Garcia

    День назад


  • JL Lopez

    JL Lopez

    День назад

    He definetly get copy righted for saying taco bell

  • Kristin Poff

    Kristin Poff

    День назад

    Love your vids

  • alisabeth trabue

    alisabeth trabue

    День назад

    I have 3 cats 2 dogs 1 turtle 2 mice 2 rats and 2 fish



    День назад

    Just found your channel. OMG so funny. I was laughing my ass off!!! We have a black cat too that talks alllllll the time, I think that’s why I found it so funny!

  • Michael Dickson

    Michael Dickson

    День назад

    I'm dying 5:07

  • Dim Sim

    Dim Sim

    День назад

    Why do i always think Sylvester got a ear piercing. But that's her ear

  • Jac Taylor

    Jac Taylor

    День назад

    Yay more vids :0*)

  • midnight kittens

    midnight kittens

    День назад

    "You dont get wet food anymore" If i said that to my cat she whould pack up and leave

  • LemmeGunVitalis


    День назад

    *_I don’t understand how he makes his videos_*

  • Steven Hair

    Steven Hair

    День назад

    If the tennis ball was a hamburger, she would catch it every time!

  • Hanita Mohamed Harun

    Hanita Mohamed Harun

    День назад

    Sylvester have a job McDonald's omg

  • ST Lam

    ST Lam

    День назад

    4:34 That cat is evil and awesome AF.

  • Jack Marston

    Jack Marston

    День назад

    Sylvester reminds me of my oldest cat Speedy. She lost a permanent canine. And always had her mouth crooked. She also hit any kitten that comes near her eating, sleeping or not. The 1 year old cats knew not to offend her.

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