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  • vintagehyuck


    18 минут назад

    no one: not even a single soul: emma: *IM 18*

  • Shishter Anna

    Shishter Anna

    31 минуту назад

    i love how she is worrying about swimming on her own yet that's the only way I like to swim.

  • Giselle Hudson

    Giselle Hudson

    57 минут назад

    Dolan Twins 4th July trip video with Bryant

  • Giselle Hudson

    Giselle Hudson

    58 минут назад

    Do another trip video with the Dolan Twins

  • alan sarniak

    alan sarniak

    Час назад

    just me that skipped the most of the video to find something interesting? haha. But no hard fellings Emma, i just found your yt channel and love it.

  • Melissamae88


    Час назад

    Woke up super early before work so I was treating myself to a face mask while watching this😉😄

  • Corey Urquhart

    Corey Urquhart

    2 часа назад

    "Always getting facials " title of your first sextape

  • Soraya González

    Soraya González

    2 часа назад

    Reasons/proof I need to be friends with Emma ---> this fucking video

  • Kiarra Davies

    Kiarra Davies

    4 часа назад

    Nobody: Emma: gets honked at like 15 times throughout the video

  • Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

    4 часа назад

    ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

    4 часа назад

    HOT TUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Addi & Ellie

    Addi & Ellie

    4 часа назад


  • Kylee Zeller

    Kylee Zeller

    5 часов назад

    Why is this literally me😂

  • Cody Janus

    Cody Janus

    5 часов назад

    Twenty five lower car insurance can rent golf carts etc

  • The World Is Mine

    The World Is Mine

    6 часов назад

    Asshole honking at a anoying person driving talking to a stupid camera.. worst than txtn n driving... that me im the asshole

  • Stephanie Guzman

    Stephanie Guzman

    7 часов назад

    Emma thinking every car is honking at her is the most relatable thing

  • Rose's World!

    Rose's World!

    7 часов назад

    Anyone else see she’s wearing a paper clip earring! 💕

  • Ox Grethan

    Ox Grethan

    7 часов назад

    Emma: *"so then-"* *not even a second later...* **honk**

  • Midnight Skye

    Midnight Skye

    7 часов назад

    It’s 7.9Mil! I’m already subbed, but I might make another account to try and get you a few more subs just to get closer to 8 MIL!!

  • Ox Grethan

    Ox Grethan

    7 часов назад

    This is how many times she got honked at | V

  • Elyssa Testa

    Elyssa Testa

    7 часов назад


  • ava marie

    ava marie

    8 часов назад

    uh lowkey copied haley pham

  • Nikki Fowers

    Nikki Fowers

    8 часов назад

    How did Emma drive with one leg up for awhile....

  • AyeeeItsLizzz


    8 часов назад

    what's the code?

  • Chris Martin

    Chris Martin

    8 часов назад

    The least interesting thing on youtube and I still watched for two whole minutes.

  • s a s s y e d i t s ~

    s a s s y e d i t s ~

    8 часов назад

    *I'm pretty sure Emma is turning into Miranda sings with the burping*

  • CallousedHeart


    9 часов назад

    “ShE iS so YoUngG and SEVentEennn”

  • Crickkett75


    9 часов назад

    Me: There’s always something to do in Laguna, Emma. You have to want to do something. Emma: But I’m so tired, I’m so lonely, I’m so bored... burp!

  • Janda Desa

    Janda Desa

    9 часов назад

    Emma chamberlain

  • sophiamb


    9 часов назад

    Ok but this sounds like a dream to me

  • Namenotnrcessary Justtoseewhhatpeoplepost

    Namenotnrcessary Justtoseewhhatpeoplepost

    9 часов назад

    The way to look at traveling solo is The time to be an introvert is crucial in maintaining a healthy life

  • Amanda Abraham

    Amanda Abraham

    9 часов назад

    On your next trip you should come to Az!!!!

  • Y M

    Y M

    9 часов назад

    Emma looks like Shane Dawson a bit

  • Sarai S

    Sarai S

    10 часов назад

    What hotel is that I wanna go

  • Sicily Cook

    Sicily Cook

    11 часов назад

    Nobody: Emma: 2:22

  • Lj Lambert

    Lj Lambert

    11 часов назад

    Emma Im from New Jersey and I want to have a relationship with you. No more lonely trips because ill be their for you baby.

  • Arttzi X

    Arttzi X

    11 часов назад


  • Toriana Jazel

    Toriana Jazel

    11 часов назад

    Why are y’all obsessed with her ? Lol

  • Amanda Fournier

    Amanda Fournier

    11 часов назад

    "it's not that hot out its only like, 60 degrees" meanwile i'm in canada and the best weather i can get rn is 20 degrees

  • Arryenne Lieghe

    Arryenne Lieghe

    11 часов назад

    wtf how do u get a hotel room with free booze

  • Karissa Diaz

    Karissa Diaz

    12 часов назад

    Hah you alone oh sorry…

  • Mia Natalie

    Mia Natalie

    12 часов назад


  • Queen Olivia

    Queen Olivia

    12 часов назад

    You should of called Sister James Charles

  • Megan Pantanella

    Megan Pantanella

    13 часов назад


  • Abigail Wutka

    Abigail Wutka

    13 часов назад

    Dude Emma’s fricken Murch is wayyyyy cheeped them like the Dolan twins and James Charles murch because she know we all poor

  • RSΛP


    13 часов назад

    Bruhhhh (sees Hennessy just chilling) I THINK IM BOUT TO STEAL

  • Lali


    13 часов назад


  • Bri Broughton

    Bri Broughton

    13 часов назад

    no one: emma: did i just get honked at?

  • William Premo

    William Premo

    13 часов назад

    Shut up. Just Shut up.

  • Nika M

    Nika M

    13 часов назад

    Someone in China honks Emma: was that about me 😳

  • Lilly and Andrea

    Lilly and Andrea

    14 часов назад

    where ethan when you need him?? lmao SHIPP💜💜💫😳

  • Liliana Russo

    Liliana Russo

    14 часов назад

    I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ashleigh Saunders

    Ashleigh Saunders

    14 часов назад

    You could literally upload a video of you just playing video games and I'd still watch it 👀💁🏼

  • fortnitegamer69420


    14 часов назад

    i was your first subscriber

  • sss Serena

    sss Serena

    14 часов назад

    Where’s a purple sweatshirt at the end of the video from ???

  • BradLee Jones

    BradLee Jones

    14 часов назад

    Lame as fuck!

  • AreYouNotEntertained?


    14 часов назад

    "why am i tired when i didn't do anything today" all of us 24/7.

  • Ainslie Parrish

    Ainslie Parrish

    14 часов назад

    alexa play lonely weekend by kacey musgraves

  • shesaprototype shesaprototype

    shesaprototype shesaprototype

    15 часов назад

    Road to 8mil 🤞🏽

  • twice mwah

    twice mwah

    15 часов назад

    no one: emma: iM fUckInG lOnELyYyyy

  • Let’s Get Real!!

    Let’s Get Real!!

    15 часов назад

    Your pupil is almost nonexistent

  • Itz Michyy

    Itz Michyy

    15 часов назад

    No one: Literally no one: Not even god : Emma: I’m lonely GUYS😔🤪🙈✌️

  • Sara S

    Sara S

    16 часов назад

    She looks so much skinnier

  • Rushmore Paranormal Society

    Rushmore Paranormal Society

    16 часов назад

    Hannah Montana sure is depressing now....

  • Yara Yogur

    Yara Yogur

    16 часов назад

    5:16 me in the future turning 18

  • Yoongi's_Gummy_Smile


    16 часов назад

    How can she drive eANd pull her leg up WHAT

  • Isabella Breining

    Isabella Breining

    16 часов назад

    I love u Emma u r soo funny 😆

  • Maddie Clark

    Maddie Clark

    16 часов назад

    17:39 is facebook staring into your soul

  • Tilly Osborne-Smith

    Tilly Osborne-Smith

    16 часов назад

    I love Emma xx

  • Hailee Sturm

    Hailee Sturm

    16 часов назад

    Really appreciating the 20% off function shampoo 😭❤️ thank you Emma!

  • Haley Lauras

    Haley Lauras

    16 часов назад

    you sitting in the hot tub all alone had me fucking crying. i love u

  • Regina DeMier

    Regina DeMier

    17 часов назад

    she should have just done a muckbang

  • Edit S.—-.

    Edit S.—-.

    17 часов назад

    Emma chamberlain is such a mood bro

  • Kyleigh Chérie

    Kyleigh Chérie

    17 часов назад

    Next time I’ll go and hang haha

  • Lotte Sophie

    Lotte Sophie

    17 часов назад

    i traveled by myself for two months in a foreign country and honestly was kinda lonely but can't complain

  • Rachel Gottschalk

    Rachel Gottschalk

    17 часов назад

    Her edits are the BEST!!

  • MonkeyPhillipVlogs


    17 часов назад

    Can you make another car tour of your new car

  • Amber Reuter

    Amber Reuter

    17 часов назад

    Emma:If anyone watching this doesn't like hummis, whats wrong with you? Me*someone who doesn't like hummis*:Thankssss Emma

  • SAS Productions

    SAS Productions

    17 часов назад

    she wouldnt be lonely with me

  • Jas&Aub Da Bratz

    Jas&Aub Da Bratz

    18 часов назад

    Any small you tubers wanna be friends 😇

  • vlog squad compilations

    vlog squad compilations

    18 часов назад

    if u think Ethan and emma are dating like this

  • Robi Rooger

    Robi Rooger

    18 часов назад

    Use me as a "do more videos together please" button

  • captain fun time

    captain fun time

    18 часов назад

    @ 5:38-5:40 did she drive past Grayson's car? If not don't come for me

  • Ashlyn Krank

    Ashlyn Krank

    18 часов назад

    When I was younger my mom told me hummus was made of extra deer parts

  • Let’s talk about it with Jaime Johnson

    Let’s talk about it with Jaime Johnson

    18 часов назад

    Love this upload .. you can turn anything into gold! Xo can’t wait for the next

  • Dovydas Olekas

    Dovydas Olekas

    18 часов назад

    why tf is she driving with her leg up

  • Lila Newman

    Lila Newman

    18 часов назад

    This is how many people said “This is how many people ....” ⬇️

  • Izzy Morris

    Izzy Morris

    18 часов назад

    can somebody please tell her that complaining isn’t a personality trait? thanks.

  • Delaney Asis

    Delaney Asis

    18 часов назад

    HUMMUS = LOVE ❤️

  • flippingHALEY


    18 часов назад

    Girl you shoulda brought your mom!

  • lllabbyIll


    18 часов назад

    Imagine being at your uncles wedding and seeing Emma chilling in a hot tub behind you

  • Magdalini Manologlou

    Magdalini Manologlou

    18 часов назад

    Why was she looking for the shower if she doesn't take them?👳‍♀️😂

  • Victoria Georgiou

    Victoria Georgiou

    18 часов назад

    Why emma has nothing to do and makes very long videos then youtubers that do a lot of things and have shorter videos ???no hate😂😂😂❤

  • Josh Noteman

    Josh Noteman

    19 часов назад

    If you travel by yourself you better like who your with.

  • Can't Relate

    Can't Relate

    19 часов назад

    Dude if this was me I'd go take a bath then order room services and watch a show on the tv

  • berrybecca


    19 часов назад

    me: is single and lives by myself and goes weeks without hanging out with anyone and is used to it emma: is by herself for a few hours and can't stop complaining about being lonely

  • Sam Hama

    Sam Hama

    19 часов назад

    someone should counts the honks

  • Lucy Schnapp

    Lucy Schnapp

    19 часов назад

    ethan come get your girl

  • Ruby Fuentes

    Ruby Fuentes

    19 часов назад

    Who is this girl? I hear about her all the time. I’m not a youth anymore. I’m in my mid twenties

  • Jiri BG

    Jiri BG

    19 часов назад

    no one: Emma: iM sO lOneLy

  • Bella


    20 часов назад

    The title is a mood

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