Funniest Unboxing Fails and Hilarious Moments 4


Funniest Unboxing Fails and Accidents.

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  • Riko Horikawa

    Riko Horikawa

    Месяц назад don't forget me ;)

  • SonsyBirdYT


    11 дней назад

    If you click that lino it makes u sub to him

  • Dilch Productions

    Dilch Productions

    25 дней назад

    @Momchil Andonov what

  • Mr Awesome Vids

    Mr Awesome Vids

    Месяц назад

    Plzz the first ones insta

  • maximo BG

    maximo BG

    Месяц назад

    Fourth liker :)

  • Kwok Pak Lim

    Kwok Pak Lim

    8 минут назад

    Not fancy phone but u want a new phone

  • ASH


    Час назад

    Not even funny😒😒😒

  • Kanishka Rajawansha

    Kanishka Rajawansha

    2 часа назад

    2:03 Sri Lankan video. It's a staged one..

  • Pedro Garcia

    Pedro Garcia

    10 часов назад

    They guy at 5:10 is just a fuking tool!!

  • Сергей Владимирович

    Сергей Владимирович

    12 часов назад

    Фейк и Дизлайк

  • David Curtis

    David Curtis

    13 часов назад

    How staged can you get at 5:40 the envelope is 95% open with enough room to slip any contents out, yet the dilhead bagw@nk keeps hacking with the scissors.

  • Society Control - Google Team

    Society Control - Google Team

    14 часов назад

    The hair dryer has broken heater, for example: there is a fan at the back then a heated metal net.



    15 часов назад

    4:26 FAKE

  • ابو احمد

    ابو احمد

    16 часов назад

    Dislike 😊

  • Ant Z

    Ant Z

    17 часов назад

    The stupid unboxing drone must be an indians

  • prabhu.T.D bullu

    prabhu.T.D bullu

    День назад

    09:53 ultimate!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mehran pakturk

    Mehran pakturk

    День назад

    4:23 mints guy is total stupid. He wants to be a RUdownloadr but he don't have any sense to unbox B&

  • Ravi Kharwa

    Ravi Kharwa

    День назад


  • Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow

    День назад

    5:09 Never seen this type of stupid this guy is Indian 100%

  • Bristolpa


    День назад

    7:16 no hair dryer will make your hair shiny dip shit

  • Jari Sipilainen

    Jari Sipilainen

    День назад

    10:34 victorias secret good deal cost more than lava lamp,but you bought them you dirty... lol

  • fire surfer

    fire surfer

    День назад

    Even better.

  • Jari Sipilainen

    Jari Sipilainen

    День назад

    ..and i not get why they posted videos to make them look stupid lol but they all look staged

  • Ankur 5870

    Ankur 5870

    День назад

    Can someone tell me the background music used at 6.05 time in video thnx

  • Sayantan Mandal

    Sayantan Mandal

    День назад

    If something went wrong in a video, it should not be uploaded in the first place unless it is intentional. So all are fake and staged.

  • Will E. Fisturgash

    Will E. Fisturgash

    День назад

    That first girls eyes........ holy shite.

  • cagdas d.

    cagdas d.

    День назад

    5:39 possibly the dumbest person on the internet

  • MacePhotography


    День назад

    fake as.

  • Tim V

    Tim V

    2 дня назад

    Must be fake, who gets that excited over a lava lamp?

  • LIFE IN SPEED Mike Angels

    LIFE IN SPEED Mike Angels

    2 дня назад

    4:48 I never seen Fuking stupid like that But the best one is Indian guy with Iphone dream come truth lol

  • Hatless Chimp

    Hatless Chimp

    2 дня назад

    Bang I got the 3000 down vote! 🤴

  • ishtiaq rony

    ishtiaq rony

    2 дня назад


  • ishtiaq rony

    ishtiaq rony

    2 дня назад


  • ishtiaq rony

    ishtiaq rony

    2 дня назад


  • ishtiaq rony

    ishtiaq rony

    2 дня назад


  • ishtiaq rony

    ishtiaq rony

    2 дня назад


  • ishtiaq rony

    ishtiaq rony

    2 дня назад


  • mogaza moha

    mogaza moha

    2 дня назад

    Ohhh!thank you

  • Kalsang Norbu

    Kalsang Norbu

    2 дня назад

    Drone one is fake as hell. It was on purpose. You can see he's trying hard to cut the propeller even when he sees it.

  • Little BOI

    Little BOI

    3 дня назад

    *Bruh don't buy online, three are Soo many scamer online out there.*

  • dady g

    dady g

    3 дня назад

    Drone propeler and after that shoes videos are fake



    3 дня назад

    indian people haha

  • dre 4life

    dre 4life

    3 дня назад

    I love how everyone comes to the realization that cheaper isn't always better in the end

  • Andrew Pattison

    Andrew Pattison

    3 дня назад

    The mobile joystick was so funny lol lol lol

  • arul aja

    arul aja

    3 дня назад

    5:13 very 1 biLLion stupidman ever in the world



    3 дня назад

    Please next time try to find out a better actors You really deserve big DISLIKE

  • YesEpicYes


    3 дня назад

    These are parody videos

  • Marius Penuş

    Marius Penuş

    3 дня назад

    I just send a pair of shoes back. They camed dirty 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Vivek Yadav

    Vivek Yadav

    4 дня назад

    Getting the shit out of us..... Every video was fake and planned....... Although hilarious

  • Ajax Plays

    Ajax Plays

    4 дня назад

    5:00 it killed me😂😂😂

  • Mayank agrawal

    Mayank agrawal

    4 дня назад

    May be others can be fake or scripted but 2:45 it is definitely...

  • Lora Ruta Gege

    Lora Ruta Gege

    4 дня назад

    shit loads of attention seekers all fake.

  • upplsuckimcool16


    4 дня назад

    That guy with the props did that on purpose lol

  • enzo wood

    enzo wood

    4 дня назад

    you are so beautiful i love you

  • Galih Pandhu

    Galih Pandhu

    4 дня назад

    Idiot drone guy

  • Sai Gilai

    Sai Gilai

    5 дней назад

    5:35 Country Fellow

  • Aldemiola Victoriano

    Aldemiola Victoriano

    5 дней назад

    4:27 that dumb idiot haha

  • single rebel

    single rebel

    5 дней назад

    2:30 is fake

  • pranjal ray

    pranjal ray

    5 дней назад

    Fake video boy. That iPhone 7plus

  • Denney Pugh

    Denney Pugh

    5 дней назад


  • Frank Barone

    Frank Barone

    5 дней назад

    9:36 "They fuckted me" Too funny.

  • TJGC - The Jay Gaming Channel

    TJGC - The Jay Gaming Channel

    5 дней назад

    1) $30 for a latest phone wtf did u expect 2) ur fault for pressing it that hard dumbo 3)dont buy used shit pay the full price and remove the risk or buy it off a friend 4)gtfo ur chair and buy em from the store ffs also if u knew it was risky why tf did u buy it 5)bruh learn to unbox u bimbo also if it doesnt cut find another way dude r u that dumb 6)i think thats a skit? 7)u prob bought a shittt company one 8)ebay shit scams 80% 9)CHECK THE FREAKING RATINGS

  • Ryanzkie Blue

    Ryanzkie Blue

    6 дней назад

    that guy who open his wrapper (propeller inside) the most stupid unboxing, ever..

  • Wanteibor Lyndem

    Wanteibor Lyndem

    6 дней назад

    that is why u should open it infront of the person who delivered to your house

  • Edwin Escalante

    Edwin Escalante

    6 дней назад

    Why am i still watching this crap?

  • kuber singh

    kuber singh

    6 дней назад

    Can anyone tell from where can I buy this drug 4:55 , are they provide online delivery lolzzz :D

  • AlexandroM007


    7 дней назад

    So at 4:20 you tried to buy male enhancement/Viagra Online at the black market

  • Roman Bortnyk

    Roman Bortnyk

    7 дней назад

    2:50 fake reaction fake video

  • Kuchiki Rukia

    Kuchiki Rukia

    7 дней назад

    4:32 is that your first time ever unboxing package?? What a dumb dudeee

  • Shindo


    5 дней назад

    30 IQ

  • West Coast

    West Coast

    8 дней назад

    That kids shoes from Uganda I feel bad probably took him 5 years to save that money.

  • SnekNOTSnake


    8 дней назад

    0:00 I think it's real 1:05 Fake 2:03 Fake 3:00 Real 4:25 People with their brain turned off will think this is real 6:03 Don't even ask 7:05 Real 8:28 Fake, the camera is moving, it means his friend is recording. And it's strange for him to not react to his ScAmMed fRiEnd. 9:46 Same as fifth 6 of 9 are fake. 69. 96 Illuminati confirmed!

  • Mike Cash

    Mike Cash

    6 дней назад

    The last one is super fake

  • Ianthe Beyonder

    Ianthe Beyonder

    8 дней назад

    IDK but this video actually made my day

  • Manuel Castillo

    Manuel Castillo

    8 дней назад

    el del minuto 5 es un verdadero idiota, ni una bolsa sabe abrir

  • paul fernandez

    paul fernandez

    8 дней назад

    What would have been better is for the publisher to have edited these obviously staged unboxing episodes as such.

  • MarMar88


    8 дней назад

    Everyone in this video looks poor.

  • Abdullah Imthizar

    Abdullah Imthizar

    8 дней назад

    They moron who clipped the white packet was doing it on purpose.

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