Dragon Ball Super English Dub BAD QUALITY Explained


Why does the Dragon Ball Super English Dub look SO BAD? Today we explain the Dragon Ball Super dropped framerate problem, a problem with the Dragon Ball Super English Dub seen during Goku vs Jiren and Goku vs Caulifla.
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  • Lothahn


    6 дней назад

    When I saw the title, I thought you were referring to the music.

  • HorrorPleb


    10 дней назад

    Hold on thats a shit excuse the dub is making, they've already dubbed the DBS broly movie with dub on it and there was no problem, how can simple punches WHICH WE'VE SEEN ALREADY ON Japanese version be a problem for us?

  • HorrorPleb


    10 дней назад

    Just checked that vid, it hurt my eyes but I had no seizure.

  • Christopher Kwiatkowski

    Christopher Kwiatkowski

    10 дней назад

    Lmao geekdom acting like most of us didn't watch the sub on RUdownload 😂😂

  • michael West

    michael West

    12 дней назад

    Who care super suck

  • AnotherDrummingEnigma


    13 дней назад

    As someone with a history of epilepsy, I personally had no problem when I watched these episodes subbed. I don't represent everyone with epilepsy and agree everyone has different triggers. But honestly they could have provided a cautionary warning like Pixar did with Incredibles 2 instead of this. I didn't see a need to slow the frame rate down.

  • Green Eyed Gamer

    Green Eyed Gamer

    14 дней назад

    UI is the Toonami version of high ping players in CS:GO

  • touringlion369


    15 дней назад

    My android doesnt lag as much as these episodes

  • vital 1234

    vital 1234

    17 дней назад

    The flashes cause seizures not the colors...doesnt matter what color does it

  • Hit


    19 дней назад

    seizures? ha

  • JayCee Du Plooy

    JayCee Du Plooy

    21 день назад

    Who watches cringeworthy english anime anyway?

  • Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson

    21 день назад

    Hey geekdom just to clarify people don't "get epilepsy" from the lights. It'll only affect people that already have epilepsy. I don't wanna already misinformation that you can develop epilepsy from the lights.

  • Brotha Protean

    Brotha Protean

    22 дня назад

    The dubb has been trash the whole time. The translations have changed it from what it was meant to be originally and therefore its not the same show

  • Prisma Network

    Prisma Network

    23 дня назад

    Dub: uses the word *Autonomous* Me: *Uh Oh*

  • Prisma Network

    Prisma Network

    23 дня назад

    it did it again during the kefla vs goku fight

  • silent finesse DMW

    silent finesse DMW

    25 дней назад

    I hope everyone who sees this gets rich 🙏🏽💯

  • Money Grow

    Money Grow

    25 дней назад

    weird no one talks about the lazy "shitani" art

  • Michael Langfitt

    Michael Langfitt

    25 дней назад

    The dub is bad because the anime is bad. Frames don't matter.

  • Brandon Hanners

    Brandon Hanners

    26 дней назад

    It was darkened and blurred on Japanese TV in case you weren't aware

  • brad l

    brad l

    26 дней назад

    Didn't have a problem with it

  • abdul rehman

    abdul rehman

    26 дней назад

    listen dub is better than sub and is the best no one can change this facts

  • Nathan Dc Marvel

    Nathan Dc Marvel

    26 дней назад

    You need to say what counties VRV is available in

  • dl01619


    26 дней назад

    I've got the porygon episode on my external hdd

  • Pitle Pen

    Pitle Pen

    26 дней назад

    Simpsons epilepsy

  • ATM. NS7.2001

    ATM. NS7.2001

    26 дней назад

    Ok, so I was not going crazy after all...

  • Kevin  McCormick

    Kevin McCormick

    26 дней назад

    I tought it was ok for wat it was

  • melville836


    27 дней назад

    I only watch the dub. But I gotta say, I really really dislike kale and caulifa’s characters, extremely annoying and offer nothing of value or interest, and if anything do the opposite and take away from what could potentially have been interesting characters. I have no love for cabba either.

  • Faiquan Sells

    Faiquan Sells

    17 дней назад

    I only watch the original Japanese version myself, but Caulifa and Kale are simply bullshit characters. Cabba is borderline trash as a character as well, but Cabba did at least seem interesting when he debut in the Universe 7 vs 6 tournament, with the prospect of Vegeta going to planet Salada in Universe 6 being introduced, Cabba gave Vegeta a chance to visit the Universe 6 home planet, the equivalent of Planet Salada (or Planet Vegeta) in that Universe and that was the good quality that he had. Then we are introduced to Caulifa and Kale, and now I don't give a shit about the Universe 6 Saiyans at all. Caulifa and Kale add nothing to the story at all. They're just there

  • James Lebron

    James Lebron

    26 дней назад

    Yeah, that's how everyone felt when the Japanese version was airing weekly. They are terrible characters.

  • evil noey

    evil noey

    27 дней назад

    Maybe you can cover why the script writing and voice acting have been garbage for super.

  • The1andOnlyManny Alvarado

    The1andOnlyManny Alvarado

    27 дней назад

    And episode 129 and 130 will probably be like this unfortunately 😔

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    27 дней назад

    I'm watch sub and dub but for super I watched it sub so just do that it's way better and quicker not hard to read or anything just sub for this

  • Mystic Jin

    Mystic Jin

    27 дней назад

    I just really want them to fix the dub ultra instinct music cause its so trash

  • Nicholas Gettig

    Nicholas Gettig

    27 дней назад

    Well, I'm an epileptic and it never bothered me at all.

  • James Lebron

    James Lebron

    26 дней назад

    I'm sure not everything effects all epileptics the same.

  • eligamerman


    28 дней назад

    Geekdom, since you have pretty big presence in the Dragon Ball community, could you try sharing this info with Adult Swim? I like watching these episodes weekly but I can't enjoy if the animation frames are butchered. Thanks for explaining this issue.

  • Cali


    28 дней назад

    Whenever I hear “epilepsy” I always think of Miss March

  • Nsimmons211


    28 дней назад

    Can’t lie got a headache from the quick second you played.

  • dandagod official

    dandagod official

    28 дней назад

    Everyone’s data is getting throttled

  • Anti-Ningen


    28 дней назад

    When Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren happens they'll have to leave out the whole fight then considering SSB and kaioken's ALL OVER THE PLACE

  • Dark Ice

    Dark Ice

    28 дней назад

    And also MUI Goku punching Jirens face.

  • DJ Dragon AKA ShawnB.

    DJ Dragon AKA ShawnB.

    28 дней назад

    I only watch English dubbed. I am on episode 115 and I’m going to wait till it gets to episode 130 so I’ll have more episodes to watch. Then I’ll watch the dbz Super Broly movie.

  • Distressed Lo-Fi

    Distressed Lo-Fi

    28 дней назад

    Can I get an F in the chat for the people that decided to wait for the dub of super

  • Distressed Lo-Fi

    Distressed Lo-Fi

    26 дней назад

    James Lebron well when super ended in the original sub I just started watching dub, try it it’s not the worst

  • James Lebron

    James Lebron

    26 дней назад

    Honestly. Im kind of jealous that they are still getting "new" content while I finished super over a year ago.

  • raataggi96 theplayerXD

    raataggi96 theplayerXD

    28 дней назад

    never seen any bad quality whenever i watched them! and i used the web to find the best source. and btw the name is TSUNAMI...

  • Alex West

    Alex West

    28 дней назад

    I'm epileptic and the original version didn't affect me at all and I've watched it multiple times. Thet could leave it at the proper FPS

  • The Umrit Hasan

    The Umrit Hasan

    28 дней назад

    When I hear a dub for a sec, it pisses me off.

  • MrHandss


    28 дней назад

    Demarco is a lying asshat. He blocked me on twitter for calling his excuse bullshit when he said Kill La Kill could never air on toonami without SIGNIFICANT censorship. Lo and behold, it aired with barely anything censored a few months later....

  • Token Drew

    Token Drew

    28 дней назад

    Anyone else go find that porygon scene to see if it gave you a seizure? Lol it was weak sauce.

  • GremFandango


    28 дней назад

    Remember guys you don't have epilepsy as a disease lmao. According to Geekdom, it's GIVEN to you by the shows lmao. Wow.

  • keeshawn giles

    keeshawn giles

    28 дней назад

    Dub still isn’t finished 😂😂😂?

  • Estevan Rodriguez

    Estevan Rodriguez

    28 дней назад

    What if this is all a plan to get more people to watch sub

  • TheNightWolf


    28 дней назад

    Wait 115? There were no slowed down frames. Least not to me.

  • Mike Diaz

    Mike Diaz

    28 дней назад

    Should we buy the dragonbll z complete box set manga tht just came out on june 4th, @geekdom101?

  • Gold Star Gaming

    Gold Star Gaming

    29 дней назад

    That's bullshit because jiren punches are normal. Why is that if epilepy is a problem. PS: Fuck epileptic people. Matter of fact just don't watch TV.

  • James Lebron

    James Lebron

    26 дней назад

    Damn, you really just said fuck a bunch of people for having a disability because it interferes with your cartoon. Wow

  • Alzar


    29 дней назад

    is it worse knowing that it was intentional rather than it being incompetence

  • PantherproXD


    29 дней назад

    When does the rest come out

  • StreetLevel Designs

    StreetLevel Designs

    29 дней назад

    They do have seizure warnings before the new episodes on toonami now and the episodes haven't been choppy since so idk

  • Mohammed aktar

    Mohammed aktar

    29 дней назад

    I have epilepsy and I had no problem watching super.. I’ve watch those multiple times and no problems yet..

  • Rob Buckland

    Rob Buckland

    29 дней назад

    I swear to god it better not be like it when the blu rays come i will be so pissed

  • oopy89


    29 дней назад

    I been saying the producing in the American dbs was shady at best. It has done by a 5 year old. Literally .

  • AwesomeZFighter


    29 дней назад

    I'm a survivor of epilepsy and I can assure you guys that I'm still good. I probably outgrown it since it's been years

  • ElectroBlastLuigi


    29 дней назад

    *Dragon Ball: Red and Blue* I'll stop...

  • digunder14


    29 дней назад

    if they slow down episode 130 too much, I say we riot!

  • Thomas Bush

    Thomas Bush

    29 дней назад

    Do it Broly!!!

  • Vie


    29 дней назад

    Who watches toonami anyway.

  • bobby boucher

    bobby boucher

    29 дней назад

    The dub dont sound right you ear the voices super clear but the rest sucks balzz and they need the OG goku sean sucks real bad

  • James Lebron

    James Lebron

    26 дней назад


  • Monfe


    29 дней назад

    I've been kinda disappointed with the dub as a whole. I feel like a lot of the voices don't fit the characters at all. Hit, vados and caulifla are pretty spot on in my opinion, but a lot of them are a wide miss.

  • That One Guy With The Face

    That One Guy With The Face

    29 дней назад

    You cant give someone epilepsy geekdom... you can give epileptic people seizures but, you can't give none epileptic people epilepsy...

  • space potatoes

    space potatoes

    29 дней назад

    Oh god i already hated this dub Now this is making me mad

  • Massttrshrdr Harmonic minor

    Massttrshrdr Harmonic minor

    29 дней назад

    Let me add that, I watch the English dub via on demand and prior to said episode a seizure warnt appears on screen

  • Robin D

    Robin D

    29 дней назад

    Is it also just me, but the dub voicing is at 200% volume while the music is just at 100%. Minor thing but it annoys the hell out of me.

  • Terroa_Savage


    29 дней назад

    I honestly don't see the difference at allll!

  • Guts124


    29 дней назад

    The dub is bad because Funi is feeling the pinch about losing the license to Viz.



    29 дней назад

    On both the episodes, what the fuck are you and everyone are talking about? I watched them and I didn't notice any problems on both of the episodes, maybe there's something wrong with you TV's or cable/ satellite connection, I don't know for sure, but o had no problems when watching the episodes

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