4 Levels of Ice Cream Sundaes: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an ice cream sundae. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which sundae was the best?
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4 Levels of Ice Cream Sundaes: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • TaZe Authentic

    TaZe Authentic

    Час назад

    If you don't sit tf down and put ice cream in a bowl sprinkle some chocolate syrup and call it a sundae

  • Constant MNWKA

    Constant MNWKA

    Час назад

    I diabets

  • Arjun Raj

    Arjun Raj

    Час назад

    On the thumbnail why does the expert side look worse than all the others

  • Kwanzaa


    2 часа назад

    my mans made a milkshake

  • Z monster

    Z monster

    4 часа назад

    Level 1: something I'd eat when I'm depressed Level 2: looks delicious Level 3: I can't afford this

  • ZenoDiac


    6 часов назад

    This is the *worst* video in the series. Sorry Grandma - you are awesome

  • ZenoDiac


    6 часов назад

    The only sundae is grandma's sundae. Sorbet doesnt count at all

  • brxdes


    7 часов назад

    How come lvl 1 and 2 always look better than 3

  • Anya Sterling

    Anya Sterling

    8 часов назад


  • Tbro223


    9 часов назад

    “More is not More it’s BETTER”

  • Olive Payne

    Olive Payne

    9 часов назад

    Who else just leaves these videos before the food scientist comes out

  • it's all gone now

    it's all gone now

    10 часов назад

    Level 3 is gelato not ice cream

  • Would you like a Suga Kookie with that cup of Tae

    Would you like a Suga Kookie with that cup of Tae

    10 часов назад

    Lol level three ain’t even a sundae anymore

  • CringeyNora


    12 часов назад

    Level 2 is the best and the most appealing and is a CLASSIC

  • Marycar Enricoso

    Marycar Enricoso

    15 часов назад

    Im a pastry chef but the level 2 is goooodd

  • Blank _

    Blank _

    15 часов назад

    Lvl 1 made soup

  • Yoshi TV Productions

    Yoshi TV Productions

    16 часов назад

    Add de whip cream, makes a whole mountain of whip cream

  • Gaby Cocon

    Gaby Cocon

    16 часов назад

    Guys why is level 1s heart broken :(

  • shadow


    16 часов назад

    I love level 1 it's so readable Level 2 reminds me of my grandma Level 3 is yust like :" Guys look what I make oooooooh we should make a Sunday but look at It ist beautiful isn't it

  • ana Hasani

    ana Hasani

    17 часов назад

    I love level 3's accent

  • denied


    17 часов назад

    if someone over the age of 3 would serve me the 1 sunday, I'd cry and pray for them. also the fact that he pretended to be on a cooking show made it a whole other level of cringe ;/ Grams is really the best person featured in this series.

  • Charlie Arvidsson

    Charlie Arvidsson

    22 часа назад

    I was depressed that level 1 didn't put ketchup on his ice cream

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar

    23 часа назад

    Is it just me or does the level 1 and 2 chefs sundae look better than the pro😜🤔

  • Christine Love

    Christine Love

    День назад

    Level 2 & 3 is the only one I'm going to eat. Tho but if the level 2 & 3 is in the table in our house, level 2 is the first one I'm going to eat

  • Dan Roslan ( Nails)

    Dan Roslan ( Nails)

    День назад

    Level 1 could have done this in a bowl where it's place ontop a bowl of ice to slow the melting of the ice cream cause I'm screaming.

  • AppleRain


    День назад

    *Level 1* : _Probably the best tasting one_ *Level 2* : _Best looking one, might be as good as Level 1_ *Level 3* : _No_

  • The Perfect sammich

    The Perfect sammich

    День назад

    You know the icecream is level 3 when the name is italian😮

  • Derek Lowe

    Derek Lowe

    День назад

    It's all about the end product - Chef Stephen, (level 1) It's all about the end product, well the end product is a creamy chocolate brownie and m&m milkshake. Yummy!!

  • Derek Lowe

    Derek Lowe

    День назад

    "If you make something in life, you got to finish it". -Chef Stephen (level 1) 2019

  • Karolina S

    Karolina S

    День назад

    Beth's looks the best and most classic imo

  • Alex Ruiz

    Alex Ruiz

    День назад

    Why do all this work when you can get vanilla ice cream and put a shitload of toppings on it

  • tarak johnson

    tarak johnson

    День назад

    They should make it to where thwy try each others

  • xxxYeEt xxx

    xxxYeEt xxx

    День назад

    I want the level 1 sundae

  • Queenbabylayah 9

    Queenbabylayah 9

    День назад

    I think level 3 in my opinion is bad bc I can Loki eat that in a heart beat ,and there are more fruits that’s not bananas

  • XGN Maggot

    XGN Maggot

    День назад

    Beth is like everyone's favourite Grandma

  • Isabella emily Panchad

    Isabella emily Panchad

    День назад

    Why is level 3 the last one I would ever eat lol 😂

  • Claire Zhou

    Claire Zhou

    День назад

    WHERE'S EMILY AND HER KETCHUP ICE CREAM??!!?!!?!?!???!?!!?!?!?!

  • Quality Tea

    Quality Tea

    День назад

    I like the lvl 1 chef

  • xSavageFrost


    День назад

    Level 1 is what I would do if you just give me random candy and ice cream.

  • Teodor Kuttenkeuler

    Teodor Kuttenkeuler

    День назад

    2:08 what was that??

  • Annie


    День назад


  • Muhammad Rizwan

    Muhammad Rizwan

    День назад

    4 levels or ice cream sundaes but actually only 3..

  • HowToSports


    День назад

    3:03 beth did a music video move

  • Junior Calderon

    Junior Calderon

    День назад

    First guy: this is diabetes in a bowl.

  • Momo Mcube

    Momo Mcube

    День назад

    Level 1 is most def what I'd eat when I'm sad in bed

  • Nahuel


    День назад

    WTF is Level 3's ice cream?

  • Phoebe Nolasco

    Phoebe Nolasco

    День назад

    the level one guy, was prolly trying to make one of those rolled ice creams with his technique,, lmaooo dude chill u need a chilled platform for that kinda stuff

  • British Aviation

    British Aviation

    День назад

    I’m a lvl 0 chef I just go to a restaurant.

  • Alex Lusty

    Alex Lusty

    День назад

    2-sundae 3-idk really some kind of sea food ice cream 1-a melted mess

  • Zy'Yianna West

    Zy'Yianna West

    2 дня назад

    Home cook looks so good 🤤🤤

  • UnlikePaladin98


    2 дня назад

    God level 1 sure sounds tasty but looks bad

  • Julie Barrick

    Julie Barrick

    2 дня назад

    Am I the only one that thinks that Level 3 has the best one?

  • Life w Mercy

    Life w Mercy

    2 дня назад

    Level 2 should be level 4 GRANDMA

  • Sam Moore

    Sam Moore

    2 дня назад

    Level 1 just smoked a fatty Level 2 grandma make it best Level 3 I'm going to place caviar on top of the custard filled plums it will be extraordinary

  • HeatherMH The MCW

    HeatherMH The MCW

    2 дня назад

    I could make a better sundae then the level one dude and I’m 10. Ya know why? I dO iT fAsT aNd QuIcK sO iT dOeSnT mElT!!!

  • Double_Sided


    2 дня назад

    Omg the way the level one chef made the icecream was annoying I mean JUST MAKE IT IN THE BOWL IDIOT

  • Joanna Bernaciak

    Joanna Bernaciak

    2 дня назад

    Honestly Beth is always the only one who's food recipes I'm actually willing to do and eat

  • LargeEggMan 8

    LargeEggMan 8

    2 дня назад

    #2 is actually good. #1 is just sugar water #3 is like not enough sugar

  • sašo


    2 дня назад

    take a shot everytime dude says gelato or passionfruit

  • lemon cardboard

    lemon cardboard

    2 дня назад

    who here would only eat level 1’s

  • Mucho Pucho

    Mucho Pucho

    2 дня назад

    Basically all level 1 food: "This looks like mush, but it tastes good"

  • Music&Basketball lover

    Music&Basketball lover

    2 дня назад

    Level 1 guy putting basic m&ms: “A little color”

  • Bitch Lasagna

    Bitch Lasagna

    2 дня назад

    Let's be honnest, the level ones are the most relatable.

  • Chloist 11

    Chloist 11

    2 дня назад

    Level 3: “ The texture on the top just really complements everything” Level 1: THE BROWNIE IS AMAZING

  • niki123489


    2 дня назад

    Once I make homemade ice cream and after I put it into a freezer for 4 hours it came hard as a rock. I even coundn't try it with a spoon for a long 10 min.

  • Keegan Sochocky

    Keegan Sochocky

    2 дня назад

    Level 1: what am I doing Level 2: for my grandson Level 3: *PaSsIoNfRuIt*

  • gfan105


    2 дня назад

    Okay but level 3’s is just so good 😭💕❤️

  • Grace and Leah

    Grace and Leah

    2 дня назад

    I can do better than level 1

  • sneakerjoe23


    2 дня назад

    Everyone here is hating on level 3 but it looks different and delicious

  • RollinRaichu


    2 дня назад

    Is the level 3 chef in the right video? I think they mixed up the footage because that is NOT a sundae lol.

  • Robust Taco

    Robust Taco

    2 дня назад

    Level 1 and 2 are much more appealing than level 3 tbh. Those are real sundaes with candy and lots of ice cream. Level 3 made a gelato with about one scoop of ice cream and seeds, that isn’t a sundae, that is an ice cream cone you get at baskin Robbins without the cone

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