‘I sacrificed my talent’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward - Terry Rozier | First Take


  • Patches O'houlihan

    Patches O'houlihan

    2 часа назад

    He might have aired too much dirty laundry....but We all know Scary Terry can ball and still deserves a big check this off season. The Bulls Will Nab Em

  • NarcEx1


    3 часа назад

    Listening to the expletive speak proves college as an educational institution is a bunch of expletive.

  • Keke Marshall

    Keke Marshall

    3 часа назад

    terry speaking on kyrie is what kyrie was thinking about bron but didnt actually say

  • DGMG Neco

    DGMG Neco

    4 часа назад

    TOP 200

  • tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker

    6 часов назад

    This is definitely gonna be a regrettable moment for this kid when he looks back in time and reflects

  • yogibearstie


    6 часов назад

    Pelicans looking at Celtics package for AD as pick #14, Tatum stunk in the playoffs and the locker room was poison. They will be calling the Lakers.

  • Lil Juicy

    Lil Juicy

    6 часов назад

    This is not the solution to the bad chemistry, terry

  • Jay Gibbs

    Jay Gibbs

    6 часов назад

    IF Rozier was taking 25 shots a game i doubt if He pass the rock...Rozier is a Ball hog suspect.. Seen it alot during regular season

  • Matt Wilkinson

    Matt Wilkinson

    6 часов назад

    They went to the ECF and took Lebron to 7 without Kyrie and Haywood, this year hey couldn’t get passed the 2nd round with those 2 “allstars” he’s speaking facts, Kyrie is a straight cancer, iso hero diva, thinks he’s a number one option but isn’t

  • sampson isaac

    sampson isaac

    7 часов назад

    terry rosier should have known that this was a bad idea. He is not as talented as Kyrie and he should know that. The celtics without Kyrie went to the east finals riding on no expectations. The east was much better this year i.e bucks, 76ers , raptors.

  • Butch Davis

    Butch Davis

    7 часов назад

    his grill is fucked all the way up

  • Jeremy Evangelista

    Jeremy Evangelista

    8 часов назад

    good luck with this

  • Lakeshow07


    8 часов назад

    He just called himself out as well

  • Nate Kenny

    Nate Kenny

    9 часов назад

    And people wonder why the Celtics had problems. As far as the egos and problems and stuff, nobody was even talking about Terry Rozier, and then he comes out and says this. Some rosters are just different than others.

  • wallacesteelersws


    11 часов назад

    Y'all mad because the man telling his truth.

  • Rishi Montesdeoca

    Rishi Montesdeoca

    11 часов назад

    I feel embarrassed watching this lol. Stop talking

  • Dustin Hunt

    Dustin Hunt

    11 часов назад

    The Celtics didn’t succeed for the same reason the warriors will. 2 time MVP and NBA champion let’s a guy like KD come in and take the major reigns and lead the team in scoring, let’s him have his looks, highly unselfish play, and he was WILLING to sit back and let his team play. The Celtics had egos, and your fucking one of them dude. The shit your talking is what these analyst have been roasting the Celtics for. Your not willing to take a seat for the betterment of a TEAM. Your worried about your “talent” your a role player. This is why this team is failing. They have poisons like this in the locker room. You said it yourself, there’s all these guys trying to do this and that so your really worrying about yourselves instead of the Celtics? That’s an L for y’all right there.

  • brandon  c

    brandon c

    11 часов назад


  • World Newz

    World Newz

    11 часов назад

    What did he expect to accomplish with this appearance??

  • Wayneworld Warren

    Wayneworld Warren

    12 часов назад

    Kyire didn't care what happened in Boston he was done with them. Look how they knock the confidence out that young core that ran the table damn near when both kyire and Heywood was down . Look how mangement stuck to them. Fuck Boston .... Good how it turns out for them

  • Mario Micallef

    Mario Micallef

    12 часов назад

    send him to phoenix or pistons

  • Tommy Hatch

    Tommy Hatch

    12 часов назад

    As a Knicks fan, now I can see why they want to target Rozier in free agency 🤦🏻‍♂️. I hope NYK let somebody else pay this guy and Kyrie.

  • Tory Smith

    Tory Smith

    13 часов назад

    I don’t have A problem wit a man speaking his mind. You gotta stand for something. He real 4 dis lol

  • 23Drawing


    13 часов назад

    People say this isn't a "good look for his career".. Why? Because he called out the fact that he was treated differently then another player, or he made more of a sacrifice then any other player. Maybe its because he had the balls to say what no one else had the balls to say. Either way, y'all need to quit being soft. When kyrie called out his team it was "Oh yeah he's wrong for doing that, but he has a point" Here its "this isn't a good look on his career" Fuck off you pussies, realize that teamwork is better than one broken legged man and one ball hog who needs a batman to win. *I don't dislike anyone of these guys* But im sick of reading the comments, all of you downies think that this is a bad look, really this is great. WE SHOULD BE CALLING OUT TEAMMATES, THIS IS A SPORT THAT THEY'RE TRYING TO WIN IN AFTER ALL, IF YOU WANNA WIN YOU TELL THEM STRAIGHT UP.

  • Michaelveli9


    13 часов назад

    This is definitely gonna be a regrettable moment for this kid when he looks back in time and reflects

  • James Hicks

    James Hicks

    14 часов назад

    Reggie Jackson was in the same spot with OKC being behind Westbrook. I Bet Detroit Regret Giving Him That contract

  • John Lyu

    John Lyu

    14 часов назад

    It’s a trap!!!

  • Booker T

    Booker T

    15 часов назад

    Nigga read the book 48 laws of power and said "I'm doing the exact opposite!"

  • timhoward5


    15 часов назад

    Come to Miami, Rozier. We need a point guard. You'll start

  • Cam B

    Cam B

    15 часов назад

    Says the guy w the second most touches on the team only behind Kyrie

  • BIG Healthy35

    BIG Healthy35

    16 часов назад

    STFU DUDE! He didnt do shit against bucks

  • David Perez

    David Perez

    16 часов назад

    I don't see him playing for Boston after these comments. Team goes before players

  • dtanktdtank


    16 часов назад

    This guy choked in game 7 last year stfu



    16 часов назад

    01:41 the reason why this league sucks... he grabs the ball in front of the ref...



    16 часов назад

    9PTS and 3 ass, in the playoffs last year 16PTS 5 ass...thats not an elite PG...

  • Audrey BOBO

    Audrey BOBO

    17 часов назад

    Kyrie Irving messed him up

  • David Beauman

    David Beauman

    17 часов назад

    This fu look like he’s on the first 48 for career suicide lol

  • 23Kingsolomon


    17 часов назад

    Kids.... this is what happens when you grow up an uncoachable athlete

  • Samantha Llewellyn

    Samantha Llewellyn

    17 часов назад

    It may not have been wise but I think with the position he's in, he had the right to say it publicly. Kyrie did it, so why can't he? When Celtics lost that preseason game to Hornets, I knew something was wrong.

  • Isaga Killimbe

    Isaga Killimbe

    17 часов назад

    Gets given three options: Terry Rozier: I think it’s a little bit of both 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Berns 83

    Berns 83

    19 часов назад

    dumb move by terry's camp to go to the media like this...not only he ripped his team but he also kind of destroyed his chance on getting a good contract this off season...he's not gonna get a lot of calls about this...He shouldn't have talk about his teammates like that...now everyone knows he's a big complainer and also has a huge ego...

  • Charles Mclean

    Charles Mclean

    19 часов назад

    If Jimmy Butler leaves go to Philly.

  • Poker710


    19 часов назад

    yeah turning 22 your rookie year as a 6'1 you don't have a lot of time to sit around and wait for your talent. We should have taken Larry Nance Jr. with that 16th pick that year. Go Celtics

  • Gamer Dog

    Gamer Dog

    19 часов назад

    “I’m a top point guard in this league”😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shane Silva

    Shane Silva

    19 часов назад

    He did get his chance to be terry rozier and he kept missing shots..he tried too much to be like kyrie and he FAILED MISERABLY

  • jdmnsxr 6

    jdmnsxr 6

    19 часов назад

    respect to Terry for speaking his mind and not being a pussy bitch like kyrie not wanting to answer questions

  • jestoril75


    19 часов назад

    please get the kid into a speech class.

  • Sadie Irvin

    Sadie Irvin

    20 часов назад

    I forgot he was on the Celtics!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah I said what I said!! Damnnn!

  • Taron Mercer

    Taron Mercer

    20 часов назад

    Houston should get scary terry

  • Francisco Camacho

    Francisco Camacho

    21 час назад

    Wow. This is ballsy

  • Matthew Bell

    Matthew Bell

    21 час назад

    Stop it hes not even top 15 pg in the league

  • Jason Terrell

    Jason Terrell

    21 час назад

    oh my.... this guy is such a victim! Get the fuck outta here.

  • zê rø

    zê rø

    21 час назад

    So who should we sacrifice their talent then? Kyrie? Howard? Ide rather sacrifice this dude rather than the 2..

  • Carlson Dera

    Carlson Dera

    21 час назад

    he jus want a big payday.. he wants more money

  • Ben Johnatan

    Ben Johnatan

    22 часа назад

    man...who put him up there?! or at least they should have told him what they were gonna ask him before hand.P.S I like him ,but he's a back up material .he can't shoot

  • Notorious Nerd

    Notorious Nerd

    22 часа назад

    Big respect to this guy for his honesty and courage.

  • Mike e

    Mike e

    22 часа назад

    Welp his Boston days are over.

  • Ray Clack

    Ray Clack

    22 часа назад

    Man they dug the hole for u and u jumped in it... Smh

  • Angel Cortes

    Angel Cortes

    22 часа назад

    Gordon was not the problem because when Kyrie didn't play the Celtics played great

  • Rends Manalang

    Rends Manalang

    22 часа назад

    lol he doesn't complain but keeps on talking how he sacrificed for the team and calling out his teammates. the irony

  • Guy Williams

    Guy Williams

    22 часа назад

    Tell truth Rozier, Kyrie sucks as a teammate

  • Samurai


    23 часа назад

    Understanding his impact on the team, and a player that performs for 1/3 of the game, I do not believe he is a 'top point guard' in this league. Statistically at least. If he is able to be traded or in his free agency, leave the Boston Celtics to prove his worth elsewhere... Then I may consider him a top PG. But he's got a lot of climbing to do before then. And by 'top', I'm referring to the first 15. Each to their own on their opinions, however, I just don't see it. Although, his perspective on the sacrifices made may be accurate. Still don't believe Gordon Hayward should have been returned to the line-up as directly as he was.

  • nycapital


    23 часа назад

    Boosie Badass

  • Lul Greg

    Lul Greg

    23 часа назад

    Rozier> kyrie 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • arvin nazari

    arvin nazari

    23 часа назад

    God loves sacrifice 😂😘💪💥💘🙏

  • J Hill

    J Hill

    23 часа назад

    You just lost money...you not a superstar yet. Danny go trade you.

  • Rafael Torres

    Rafael Torres

    23 часа назад

    It’s so rare to hear someone say what he really feels that most of you cant handle it.

  • ronjenkins61


    День назад

    His mom made him say that. 💯

  • Phenom AL

    Phenom AL

    День назад

    These hoes have to transform to make look good for ya's even if they ain't fine cuz some big ass titties & a big ass is a gold mine ya shmal mAh! The same goes for the men to, in other words nobody is N alrighty

  • Caleb Butters

    Caleb Butters

    День назад

    I feel soo bad for Kyrie knowing these are the dudes he had to lead

  • John Rhodriquez

    John Rhodriquez

    День назад

    I don’t think he called out his teammates, he just called out Kyrie. Kyrie is all about Kyrie, he is not a team player so it is what it is. It is obvious and no one wants to say it but Boston does not need a Kyrie Evin.

  • Vedo Sullivan

    Vedo Sullivan

    День назад

    He's only saying what everyone has been thinkin all year. Period.

  • Hektzu


    День назад

    You better work your ass off to prove you’re a top point guard or you’re doomed

  • Krishaun Green

    Krishaun Green

    День назад

    Everyone can have a voice!

  • Once a leo turned lion now judah

    Once a leo turned lion now judah

    День назад

    Terry what went wrong with the Celtics well......they paid Gordon Haywood 100 plus and he’s gribbage , oh they let kyrie run the team and he’s not a leader shall I go on. Let’s not forget that last year the team jayson, terry and brown were able to one has positive team unity and that carried them to finals in the east. Leave terry really leave and who cares what these people think it’s all true. How do you go from the east finals to getting booted and destroying chemistry because of one player come on

  • GetUpOn OuttaHere

    GetUpOn OuttaHere

    День назад

    Hes not really blaming kyrie or Hayward personally but the effect it had on his time and play when they were added into regular rotation. I agree it probably wasnt the best idea to come on here but hes not sayin its anyone's fault if anything hes blaming Brad Stevens in my opinion. He named dropped cause let's be honest we all knew who and why but Brad Stevens is the one who orchestrated the playing time and who touches the ball

  • Javon Richards

    Javon Richards

    День назад

    He sound like a bitch

  • lonely loner on a lonely road alone

    lonely loner on a lonely road alone

    День назад

    Celtics organization is trashed

  • Hanggao's NawngLLC

    Hanggao's NawngLLC

    День назад

    Manu: these kids tho.. pffft!

  • Sami Aruri

    Sami Aruri

    День назад

    Don’t fart smellerman

  • Remarkable SeiF

    Remarkable SeiF

    День назад

    Yikes, Terry. His PR dude must have been palming his face watching this.

  • clipside


    День назад

    i like this guy. no sugar coating. 100% honest about what he feels and what he thinks. he risked it even though this might affect his image negatively...

  • YSC Entertainment

    YSC Entertainment

    День назад


  • Renante Balbuena

    Renante Balbuena

    День назад

    this is very embarrassing! awwww. of course media will EAT him alive in the show! like on hot seat

  • T Stone

    T Stone

    День назад

    Irving and Hayward will make a nice package for Davis.

  • Paul


    День назад

    Why the eff are you on national TV talking about your team instead of in a conference room in Boston?

  • Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jones

    День назад

    I like Terry’s honesty give it to them straight no chaser.

  • Matthew Casing

    Matthew Casing

    День назад

    Lmao,"I'm not the one to complain..." but I'm on first take complaining 😂😂🤣😂😂🤣-Terry Rozier

  • Ns React

    Ns React

    День назад

    Come to Chicago boss

  • The Chosen ONE

    The Chosen ONE

    День назад

    Yall motherfukers bashing him for speaking on how unproductive he was due to the way the team operated. Y'all so ignorant, yall better see where the man's coming from. bithes👊🏿

  • nazgul12000


    День назад

    You can tell he is selfish!! and he is not a top point in this league.

  • King Yellowman

    King Yellowman

    День назад

    Thankfully this dude can play basketball He's not very bright

  • caffiene macaroni

    caffiene macaroni

    День назад

    Goodluck to him, and also brown and tatum, some fans wants them out for anthony davis, celtics management sucks right now, i hope terry go back to being scary terry, brown and tatum be franchise players for other teams cant do it in boston ,

  • 8o8 k!d

    8o8 k!d

    День назад

    The Lakers will always have a spot for you brother :)

  • Aj Tuiafiso

    Aj Tuiafiso

    День назад

    Welcome to the world of sports where you do what the coach says not what you want, if you don’t like it then you move on to a different team

  • Daniel Borscheid

    Daniel Borscheid

    День назад

    Come to Minnesota. We will love you

  • person54345


    День назад

    Terry be sounding like ayesha curry

  • Grrr grrr

    Grrr grrr

    День назад

    Maybe he should lead the team next season and see what happens... 🤣

  • noufel zuberi

    noufel zuberi

    День назад

    Terry rosier is so full oh himself right now, its really funny to me

  • Armon Jones

    Armon Jones

    День назад

    If you don't like it. Say it.

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